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Combine Camps

Are You Ready to Make Your Mark?

July 26, 27, 28, 2024

Find and Recruit Top Talent

Combine camps are an excellent way for hockey coaches and scouts to find talented players. With combine camps, scouts and coaches have the opportunity to evaluate a large group of players in a variety of drills and settings. This gives them the opportunity to get an accurate evaluation of the player’s individual abilities and skills. The drills used at combine camps are designed to simulate game-like scenarios, which give the evaluators a better understanding of how the player will perform in a game setting.

We provide coaches and scouts with player report cards created by Sports Evaluations to provide a personalized, 3rd party feedback report card, giving you valuable insights on player performance at our combine camps. With the Sports Evaluations reports, coaches and scouts will be able to identify the players who have the potential to be the star players of tomorrow. By attending combine camps, coaches and scouts are able to get an early look on the players who may be able to make an impact on their team’s success in the future.

Confirmed Coaches and Scouts

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